10,000 Communities Initiative, Official Infrastructure Week Event: Advancing Critical Projects and Innovative Strategies for Equitable Infrastructure Development

May 20, 2023 | Events

May 18, 2023

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The 10,000 Communities Initiative organized a hybrid roundtable discussion to advance equitable community infrastructure development, bringing together regional infrastructure innovators. The event featured a fireside chat with Jigar Shah, Director of the DOE Loan Programs Office, and a panel of experts including Laura Brunner, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, representing the Midwest region; Margaret Hoffman, Oregon State Director for the US Department of Agriculture, representing the Northwest region; Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray, representing the Southeast region; Olga Morales-Pate, CEO of the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, representing the Southwest region; and Lynn von Koch-Liebert, Executive Director of California Strategic Growth Council, representing California. Panelists discussed infrastructure deployment trends and their partnership with the initiative to drive local economic growth. The event highlighted replicable projects in critical areas such as energy, water, broadband, and better buildings.

The launch of the Community Infrastructure Center Platform was another key focus, providing attendees with insights and information on accessing capacity and capital for community initiatives. The event fostered collaboration, shared knowledge and demonstrated the initiative’s commitment to supporting underserved communities and addressing infrastructure needs.

Watch the Webinar ►